Domestic Partnerships

Protecting Your Interests in Unmarried Relationships
Sometimes couples choose to live together without getting married. Sometimes, as in the case of gay or lesbian couples, the law intervenes to prevent their getting married. In either case, couples in a long-term relationship need to take steps to protect their privacy and property rights in the event of a break-up, or the passing of one partner. Why? Because Michigan law is biased in favor of marriage, and affords no property rights to unmarried couples, no matter how long they have been together.
At LADY4JUSTICE, we offer a variety of options to our unmarried clients in committed relationships, such as our  Life Planning Suite, which is tailored to meet the unique needs of each couple and may include a living trust, medical and durable powers of attorney, a domestic partnership agreement, and more. Because we take a proactive view of life, we choose to see situations where couples are unmarried as one which invites creativity rather than inhibits. Whether you need one simple document or the complete Life Planning Suite, we pride ourselves on crafting exactly the documents you need to provide just the right amount of protection, privacy, and freedom for your life choice.