Looking for a Divorce Attorney? Experience Counts!

   When I first started practicing law, almost 30 years ago, I was thrilled when mobile phones came out.  Boy, what a miracle to be able to communicate from your car!  I remember lugging that 30 pound box around, feeling like I was at the cutting edge of technology.  Which, at the time, I was.

Fortunately, like most things, the design got better.  Today, it's hard to even find a picture of the old models.  And through the years I learned to wait until a new technology had been around for awhile.  They  always improved with age - lighter, faster, cheaper - and with more of the bugs worked out.

It's much the same when searching for a lawyer to handle your  divorce.  

Unless you have no children, no assets, and no issues, it's best to use an experienced attorney to handle your divorce.  That's not to say experienced lawyers never make mistakes, because everyone does.  But they have experienced, and learned to handle, many different situations that often occur in a divorce.  You don't want someone cuttng their teeth on YOUR custody issues, for example, or learning for the first time about the games people play when trying to hide their assets. 

But, you may say, they're cheaper.  Well, it depends on how you look at it.  Initially, the cost may be cheaper, because new lawyers usually bill at a lower rate.  But if you have any significant issues, you may soon learn that a newbie will spend more hours learning what's going on and then trying to figure out how to handle it.  This costs you far more, in terms of time, and results.

Of course, everyone has to start somewhere, and we all learn from experience.  If I need surgery, however, I don't want to go to a guy who just got started.  I want to go to someone who has done the procedure thousands of times, and knows how to handle everything that could go wrong.  The same is true when it comes to ending a long term marriage.

There's a time and place to go with a new lawyer (see above), and at Lady4Justice, we have an excellent new attorney who does a fantastic job of handling simpler cases at a lower billing rate.  (He also has worked for the firm as a paralegal since 2009, and has more experience than most new lawyers).  But when it comes to a Michigan divorce with custody and support issues, or large assets, only an experienced attorney will do.