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We Can All Use a Little Handholding

Divorce is a process, not a document. Along the way, you'll need a team of experts that is ready to serve your needs and answer any questions you may have.

We at LADY4JUSTICE have made the following people part of our team because they are service-oriented and of high integrity. You can count on them to promptly respond to your queries and give you useful, accurate information.

Please feel free to call or email them with questions, and be sure to mention our name:

Appraisals: In a divorce, the marital home is often the biggest asset. With the fluctuating real estate market in Michigan it is critcal to get a current appraisal of your home's value from someone you can trust. Louise Braun is a state-licensed appraiser in the business for 30 years. Often recommended by the courts as an expert, she has an outstanding knowledge of the real estate market in Michigan. (248)722-9076.

Fitness: Newly divorced, or getting divorced? Now is the time to get fit and fabulous! Sheryl Blystone "Ms. Muscles" takes you step by step, wherever you are, to a beautifully chiseled body with her intensive yet exhilarating workout and diet tips. If you're like Mindy, you need someone right there beside you to inspire you to pump iron in a way that works. Visit Sheryl at Ms. Muscles Fitness.

Health Insurance: Health insurance is a big concern in a divorce. Should I go with COBRA and stay on my spouse's insurance, or to get my own? How can I find the best policy, tailored to me, for the best price? Cedric L. McSween Sr. will help you assess your options, and the costs. Call (248) 356-9580 or visit the website: Premier Solutions

Personal Support

Goddess Within: Read Dr. Charlene Proctor's new book, Let Your Goddess Grow! (special offer with Dr. Wayne Dyer's new bestseller) and learn 7 spiritual lessons to help you discover the goddess within. Visit her site to purchase the book, and many other offerings, such as free Soul Cards or an E-Power Thought. Visit The Goddess Network Website

Midlife Challenges: Feeling Stuck? Has the enchantment gone out of your life? Than it's time to call on Dinah, the Mid-Life Fairy Godmother! She will lift your spirits and help you make your dreams come true with her tele-classes and other offerings. Visit the Midlife Fairy Godmother Website

Opening to Love: Salaam says that love is raining down on us always, it's just that sometimes we block it out. Having made the successful transition from spouse to friend with her former husband, this gifted Sufi master healer and former LADY4JUSTICE client can help you open your heart to love again. Rituals: It's been said that divorce is a mitzvah. Although it may not be a happy event, there is no denying that divorce is a rite of passage. Rituals help us make the symbolic transition from one phase of life to the next, and can help with closure. As a volunteer participant at the IAHL Spring Conference (see picture) I can attest it is a very moving ceremony. Please feel free to contact us to learn more.






Mindy Hitchcock and Carl Michael Rossi role play as the divorcing couple.