My sincere thanks and appreciation for what you have done for me. You are a great person and lawyer. You have shown a lot of compassion to your clients. It is not about the money but about justice and equity. You have demonstrated your excellent skills in handling every situation. Again, thank you.

Eufrocina Albaugh Plymouth, Michigan

Kudos for The Family Transition Plan

"Personal and Compassionate attention was given to us. Mindy definitely understood what we were going through and took that into consideration when working on the case. I never felt like just another number. Everything was explained clearly and I knew what to expect from best to worst case.

I was extremely impressed the way Mindy responded to a very painful situation and helped alleviate the tremendous anxiety with all the decisions that needed to be made. She put things into the proper perspective so you knew what was happening next. The way she walks you through each step is very personal. I felt that she truly understood what I was going through and her help and advice was priceless."

John Micallef Northville, Michigan

"I was beginning to think that fathers didn't have parental rights but thanks to Ms. Hitchcock she has proven fathers DO have parental rights. I was denied visitation with my daughter for almost 1 1/2 years and I spoke to her only a handful of times. During that time I haven't been able to speak nor see my daughter on any holiday. Now after hiring Ms. Hitchcock I not only had immediate visitation with my daughter it was ordered for me to have unlimited phone contact and set visitation with her. The judge even ordered that she visit with my wife and I in Las Vegas for the Christmas holiday in two weeks. If that wasn't enough for us she even got our legal fees paid for by the mother.  I started out with no custody at all and ended up with primary physical custody.  Words can not explain the feelings I have right now. Thank you again Ms. Hitchcock."

Rick Way Las Vegas, NV

"I'm impressed with Mindy Hitchcock's services for many reasons. Most Importantly to me, Mindy and her Staff were sensitive to the fears that I had. Before going into her office on the first day, I had no hope of a good future for myself. She changed all of that by giving me the facts and making me feel safe and empowered! Throughout our divorce, my ex-husband and his attorney tried to use bully tactics; However, Mindy, this petite, caring woman, was FIERCE and stood up to them on my behalf and showed that they were just full of hot air! (She was GREAT!) Mindy not only showed me that the law was on my side but that I have control of my own life!

Mindy Hitchcock is all business when it comes right down to getting things accomplished, she was always very efficient with our time, she listened to me, and informed me, and offered me great advice. It's not enough to just describe her services, because she puts more into her clients from my experience... Because of hiring Mindy, My life has changed drastically! I'm amazed everyday at how wonderful it's all turning out for me!

Mindy didn't just help me to get a divorce; she empowered me to create the future that I want for myself! Thank You a million times over!"

Linda Kula Farmington Hills, MI

"When my husband and I had to end it, we were unable to talk to each other in front of the kids without loud arguments. We were headed for an ugly conflict if we had gone to court. Mindy Hitchcock was a godsend. Her impeccable listening skills and sharp memory ensured that we stayed focused on what was important, instead of fighting about the fight.

Mindy helped preserve the loving bond between parents and children throughout our case and made sure that the children's welfare remained a primary focus of attention while both our individual needs were met. The quality of our life has actually improved since the divorce. There is less conflict across the board. Our children are happier. I am happier. My ex husband and I have personal relationships that are separate, yet increasingly cooperative. None of this would have been possible without Mindy Hitchcock and her unique ability to sit down with us and help us cooperate."

Sheryl Blystone Clinton Township, MI

"Dear Mindy, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your kindness, understanding, patience, and knowledge. I've learned so much from the entire experience, and I am in a much better place now. I so appreciate you, and your efforts to holistically resolve my drama, always the rock. Thank you, om shanti."

Lisa Marie G. Dearborn, MI

"I was drawn to Mindy from the motto of her firm: It Started With Love, Why Not End It The Same Way? Mindy lived up to that and in large part due to her contributions, my former wife and I have a peaceful, loving relationship. Thanks!"

Thomas Zerger Dearborn, MI

"Mindy, you have shone like a star in the firmament on days when I considered giving up. Just knowing that you were there supporting me if I needed it, and looking out for the best interests of me and my family, made all the difference in the world."

Barbara P. Lapeer, MI

"Mindy handled what is a very difficult situation with beauty. Her approach works because she combines excellent preparation with a sincere interest in taking the highest road."

D.M. Bloomfield Hills, MI

"Mindy Hitchcock is excellent. She assisted us when we were threatened with loss of custody of a child --initially based upon our religious beliefs, but it turned out they weren't seeking custody so much as trying to go around the rules of engagement on an unrelated legal matter."

Alex Z. Wyandotte, MI

"The collaborative process respects each party. My ex-husband and I remain involved, loving parents to our two daughters. Our future is greatly affected by our past and it was extremely important that our divorce be civil and respectful. Mindy helped guide the process to assure a future of goodwill for our children and us."

J. Rojo Canton, MI

"I felt cared about and that my needs would be taken care of. I also felt free to call when or if I had questions. Attorney Hitchcock is very accessible to the client."

S.U. Bloomfield Hills, MI

"I am writing to tell you how much your wisdom and guidance meant to me throughout this process. You have truly found your calling. You make the word "counselor" appropriate for attorneys. It takes a magical person like you for someone who is very sad like me to recognize that tomorrow can hold a beautiful new day. Thank you for helping me."

Jody G. Rochester Hills, MI

"Looking for a silver lining in a bad situation, there are good things that come along...like getting to know Mindy! Profound thanks for all you have done."

Jay and Sheila B. Birmingham, MI

"I'm grateful you were with me on my journey through my divorce. Your caring and professional ethics made the process honorable. I will keep in touch."

Bridget S. Saint Clair Shores, MI

"It's so good to know we don't have to go through hard times alone. Thank you, Mindy."

Rene J. Detroit, MI

"My divorce went through very quickly. The process was very smooth. Through Mindy's solid negotiation and mediation skills - all matters of my divorce were navigated and agreed upon without having to go to court. I was able to obtain the custody and settlement agreement that I wanted from my divorce. Through it all I knew Mindy would be there to fight for me if I needed it. She helped me to negotiate on issues that didn't mean as much to me so that I could gain the things that were important to me. She advised me not to budge on other issues, but listened to me and made the agreement I was comfortable with even though she didn't agree."

J. K. Rochester Hills, MI

"Just a note to let you know I've moved...to Atlanta. Life is so good here and I am very happy! You helped get me to this point in my life and I will always be grateful."

Amy W. Atlanta, GA

"Strong positive attitude. Sensitivity to parties and their needs at all times. The highest compliment is that you forget you're talking to a lawyer."

Denise J. Bloomfield Hills, MI

"Mindy Hitchcock is very knowledgeable, has access to other experts, and is not interested in turning the divorce into a nasty food fight. I would definitely, enthusiastically, recommend her services!"

David W. Ann Arbor, MI

"Mindy was emotionally centered and able to fight for me yet had options to keep me from settling into negativity. I didn't believe a holistic lawyer existed. Thank you for showing me the better side of law."

Jayne K. Westland, MI

"Your service was very personal, and a difficult life event was made easier by your service."

Pamela B. Livonia, MI

"Mindy, what can I possibly say to you that I haven't already said to you over and over again, since we started working together? 'Thank you' only scratches the surface for everything you've done for me...May you continue on to bless others as I have been so richly blessed!"

B. Peter Hadley Township

"Mindy, my girlfriend just emailed me a note to tell me of the generosity you extended to her even after her divorce settlement. Not only did it make my day, it almost brought me to tears; she was so touched by your kindness. You are such a special person Mindy. It is so wonderful to have someone so thoughtful and compassionate to help empower women, who often feel powerless during and after their divorces... Life is good; thank you for making it so."

Susan Murphy President, Circle® Brands

"Thank you Mindy for all your coaching and encouragement. I could not have come this far without you."

Marguerite S. Los Angeles, California

Mindy is EXCELLENT!  She took our case when other lawyers wouldn't and she WON! She is understanding, diligent, and aggressive when needed.  Even with us out of state she was able to get all the facts and got guardianship of our granddaughter for us.  Anyone who needs a lawyer for child issues should ALWAYS choose Mindy.  She works hard for YOU and the child with excellent results.  I can't say enough good things about her.  Thanks Mindy!

Sue Talcott Northport, FL

Mindy is a beautiful attorney.  Even her employees are wonderful.  I live out of state in South Carolina, but unfortunately MIchigan still has jurisdiction of my child custody case.  Mindy took my case with love and the Lord in mind.  She communicated with me via email, phone, and even text messages.  She fought the battle for me and I won full custody!  She truly cares for her clients.  I feel that the Lord lead me to MIndy for help and I was blessed for it.  She's truly on your side.  Thank you, Mindy!

Elnora Jordan Taylors, South Carolina

"Mindy is a fantastic attorney. She has represented me throughout a long and ugly custody battle and has been amazing throughout. She's worked to my schedule, meeting with me outside of normal business hours, worked with me financially to ensure I could afford to be represented and she's remained professional and diligent even in dealing with unethical opposing counsel. She has been a pleasure to work with and I recommend her to anyone looking for a great attorney who cares about her clients."

Jesse Post Livonia, MI

I was in the process of a divorce and my original lawyer's only concern was billing me. He did not defend me, and even agreed that I should pay my lying husband's legal fees. I felt humiliated and powerless. By amazing luck, I was referred to Mindy Hitchcock and she stood by me every step of the way. Mindy has a huge legal knowledgebase and is very strong. She fights to win,with integrity and heart. She treated me like I was her family. Mindy has renewed my faith in the judicial system and humanity.

Amal Kadry Dearborn Heights, MI

Mindy and her team followed through from beginning to end.  Lady4Justice exceeded my expectations and brought comfort to a difficult time in my life...Thank you, Mindy, for now I can rest..."INCREDIBLE JOB" to you and your team!

David Budzynski Key West, FL

"In my case I was being divorced by an individual who suffered from a personality disorder.  Based on my own research I knew I was in for a rough ride.  I discussed the situation with Mindy at the beginning and she was immediately receptive to relying on my judgment for tuning the approaches taken at the different steps in the divorce.  Because of the unpredictable and volatile nature of my ex-spouse’s personality I needed to work with someone who would allow me to be directly involved and I don’t think I could have found a better partner to help me navigate through the divorce.

Another important benefit of working with Mindy is her experience and reputation in the courts.  I found that although the judges will never recognize me, they certainly knew Mindy.  And by extension I believe their opinion of her character helped in the casting of a more positive light on the type of person I am; especially when the opposing party was doing everything they could to cast me as the worst person to ever walk in this world.

Finally, Mindy and her staff always presented an attitude of friendliness.  I never felt them taking a superior attitude towards my questions or suggestions.  I would certainly recommend them to anyone who felt competent and strong enough to take an active role in their own divorce."

(Client's Name Withheld to Protect Shared Custody Arrangement with Ex-Spouse)

Satisfied Client Oakland County, Michigan

"In early 2012, I decided to end my 6 year marriage. I had been a stay-at-home wife/mom for 6 years. I was frightened, overwhelmed, and I had no idea what to do. When I first contacted Mindy, I was impressed by her compassion and her willingness to listen. She didn’t rush me during our initial interview; she even gave me advice before I had given her a penny. After speaking with her there was no doubt, I wanted her to represent me. She helped me handle the entire divorce with grace, dignity, and love. My ex-husband and I are still friends, which makes it easier to care for our son.

Divorce is frightening; it’s a huge change in lifestyle. I was scared and unsure, but I knew that my life wasn’t what it could be. I was miserable, depressed, and quickly gaining weight. I was capable of more; there were bigger things I was meant to do. I looked at my life and decided that it wasn’t going to be this way anymore. This was my chance to change things and maybe discover who I really was.

Now, not even a year later, I’ve lost 40lbs, I’m a published author (1 short story and a contract with a publisher for 3 books), a small business owner, and a registered yoga teacher.  In addition, I’m more “me” than I have ever been and I’ve never been happier.  And my son now has two happy parents to take care of him instead of two miserable fighting parents. He’s happier too.

So a thank you to myself for being bold enough to say “It’s not going to be this way!” and a thank you to Mindy for helping me take the leap."


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(Erin's before and after pictures.  Color pictures are before.  Sepia pictures are after divorce transformation.)

Erin Moss Southgate, Michigan

When I began searching for a lawyer, it was with a desire to find someone who was professional, and genuine.  When I came upon Mindy's website, I was immediately impressed with her statement: "It started with love.  Why not end it the same way?"  I made my first appointment and walked in, scared, hurt, and confused.  I was seeking a divorce after a long-term marriage of 31 years.  Mindy was kind and understanding as I spilled my heart.  She explained options in detail.  To divorce was the hardest decision I had ever made in my life.  I had to weigh the options - if the pain of staying was more than the pain of leaving.  It was.  I made the right decision.  When I say MIndy had my back the whole way through, I mean it.  Mindy Hitchcock is a professional and she is a genuine person.  That is not something you see in all lawyers.

Pamela Ann Fetzer Alaska

I have to say, you made me feel that I not only had a skilled and caring attorney, but I had a real friend in my corner. Since I live out of state, I could not attend the hearing in person. But as I listened over the phone, I heard you fight tooth & nail with a judge determined not to give an inch. You were unrelenting and determined not to take no for an answer. Even after I thought it was as good as over and I was not going to see any relief, you continued to hammer the judge until she finally relented, perhaps believing it the only way to get rid of you.

During my time working at N.A.S.A. I worked with some of the most highly skilled professionals in the world. I am not easily impressed, but your performance both in and out of the courtroom not only impressed me, but also helped me regain much of my self worth that the system had wrongly tried to strip away.

Anyone fighting the Friend of the Court knows how alone you can feel. How hopeless the situation can appear. When you became part of the fight I no longer felt alone. The situation no longer seemed hopeless, and in the end you were able to persuade the judge to give me enough of a break to put an end to a decade long struggle, that without your help would be going on for years to come.

I would recommend you without hesitation. Words alone cannot express the difference you made in my life.

John Humme Omaha, Nebraska

Thank you for being you and helping to streamline the process of our divorce. You made circumstances tolerable which could have otherwise been messy. Our like philosophy of "ending with love" prompted a comfortable relationship from beginning to end. I am lucky to have been led to you and fortunate to have had you stand by my side on court day.

Barb Mickevicius Southfield, Missouri

Lady4Justice definitely cares about their clients! The service was fast. It was a pleasure working with them. Courteous communication, representing the client the best way possible. My deepest gratitude to Mindy Hitchcock and Alex Johnson!

Milka Svilar Northville, Michigan