At Lady4Justice, we are firmly committed to two parent families, whether the parents are married, single, divorced, or separated. And we acknowledge the growing number of excellent judges in some counties that start with a presumption of joint custody. This is an encouraging trend from even the recent past. But men are a long ways off from enjoying the presumption that women enjoy, of being the superior parent.

Almost 50% of children born today are born to single parents, yet the court system is still based on the outdated concept of the nuclear family - a father that works, and a mother who is the primary caregiver. Due to this lag between the law and reality, single mothers have the presumption of sole custody, and single fathers have the right to pay child support. How much parenting time a father has with his child is then dependent upon how much time the mother wants to give him.

Good mothers understand their child's need for both parents, even if the couple breaks up. But some single mothers use their custody advantage to either manipulate or punish the father, usually for breaking up with them. When this happens, an innocent chilld suffers. As a family law attorney I have represented many men in this plight, and I have learned a lot about what gets men into bad predicaments, and how to avoid these traps.

The more you as a single father can sidestep the landmines, the better chance you will have for gaining custody, or joint custody of your child. I have enjoyed great success in some cases, winning sole legal and physical custody for my client. But in other cases where false claims of domestic violence and other made-up accusations clouded the landscape, it took years just to get more parenting time. If you are a man, winning custodial rights will almost always take longer, because you do not enjoy the bias in your favor that women enjoy. Women are presumed to be good parents. Men have to prove that they are.

Someday, years from now, the law will change and parents will be treated equally in the eyes of the court. But until that happens, you will want to read my e-book, 7 Things Single Dads Must Do to protect their parental rights. It lays out all the traps that you must avoid, and tells you how not to get involved in a custody battle in the first place. Believe me, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you are a single father, you need this book! It can save you thousands of dollars and untold grief. To access a FREE download, simply click on the image of the book above. Use this book to help you gain the custody that you deserve.

Mindy L. Hitchcock