Who Prepares the QDRO in a Michigan Divorce?

Many attorneys refer the preparation of QDROs(qualified domestic relations order) to specialists who regularly prepare these documents. Often these specialists are not lawyers, but rather accountants, actuaries, or financial planners (who are often certified divorce financial planners).  Hiring a specialist to prepare your QDRO can save you time and money.

Nevertheless, for your own peace of mind remember that QDRO's are often not completed until after the divorce judgment is entered by the court.  This is because the QDRO preparers rely upon the judgment in preparing the terms of the QDRO.  So don't be dismayed to learn that there is "more to come" after the divorce. The divorce is official; but the financial benefits will not be in effect until the QDRO's are entered by the court and accepted by the plan administrator of the spouse's employer.  If both parties sign the QDRO, the court will almost always sign it right away.  It is acceptance by the plan administrator which takes the time, often months, before they send a letter advising your attorney that the QDRO has been accepted by the plan and they are segregating your funds into a separate account for disbursement.

In some circumstances of need, a Michigan divorce attorney can obtain a QDRO while the divorce is still pending in order to pay attorney fees or assist the parties in handling their financial affairs.  If this is something you need or want, you should advise your attorney of this as soon as possible.

This FAQ is meant to give general explanations of different aspects of the QDRO and EDRO. It is by no means an exhaustive discussion on the topic. For specific information on your case, contact our office to schedule a free telephone consultation.