How long will my spousal support (alimony) last?

A Michigan court will decide how long your alimony / spousal support will last. In Michigan, courts look at factors such as:

  • Duration of the marriage
  • The parties' contributions to the marital estate
  • Parties' ages
  • Parties' health
  • Parties' station in life
  • Parties' necessities and circumstances
  • Respective earning abilities

Just as the award of spousal support is in the discretion of the Michigan court, so is its length of time. The court may award spousal support for a specific period of time and provide for review at the end of that period, it may set spousal support in an absolute amount, or for an absolute period of time. In certain cases, the court may prefer that it continue indefinitely or be terminated on the death or remarriage of the payee; again, the length of time is in the discretion of the court. In many cases, the amount and length is decided by the parties where they are able to reach a settlement agreement without going to trial. Given that the parties themselve are much more familiar with their particular situation than the court, this is a preferable solution.