How Long Does It Take To Get A QDRO Entered in a Michigan Divorce?

Normally, the plan is intended to be divided as of the divorce date, but may not be approved by the plan administrator (i.e., employer) until months, or even years, later. You can help speed up the process by making sure your lawyer has important information needed for the QDRO, such as:

  • Both parties' names and current addresses
  • Dates of Birth
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Valuation Dates (usually the date of marriage to the date of divorce)
  • Employer's Specific Name
  • Plan to be divided

Also, you and your spouse need to be clear on whether or not you want to include such things as surviving spouse or early retirement benefits. Unanswered questions like these can slow the process for the person preparing the QDRO.

Another important factor in how quickly a QDRO is approved is the requirements of the employer. Many employers have their own QDRO forms. While they may not use the actual form, providing your attorney with a copy of this can help them understand exactly what your employer requires for an acceptable QDRO.  This information is provided as general information, not specific advice.  Be sure to consult a QDRO professional for specific information about your case.