How do I choose a collaborative law attorney?

If you choose collaborative law, you should hire an attorney trained in the process. Although most attorneys are skilled at negotiating settlements, knowledge of the techniques, documents, and principles that make this process work are vital to its success. Collaborative law is still relatively new. So long as an attorney has been trained in the process, it will work even if it is their first case. Look for an attorney who inspires your confidence, has been trained in the collaborative law approach, is a good listener, a skilled advocate, and someone who understands your needs, interests and goals.

Your partner or spouse may actually choose a collaborative attorney before you find one. If so, that attorney may recommend that you contact other attorneys with whom they have worked very well. This is a good thing and not a cause for concern. Unlike the adversarial system, where the fear is that the attorney is steering you towards someone they can manipulate, in the collaborative law process, they are most likely recommending someone who is very skilled in the win-win approach. You can choose to interview an attorney recommended by your partner's attorney with more confidence because trained collaborative law attorneys have the same goals and mindset in dealing with the case, and that is to reach the solution that is for the highest good of all concerned.