Is collaborative law the best choice for me?

It is well worth considering if some or all of the following are true for you:

  • You want a civilized and respectful resolution of the issues.
  • You would like to keep open the possibility of friendship with your partner down the road.
  • You and your partner will be co-parenting children together and you want the best co-parenting relationship possible.
  • You want to protect your children from the harm associated with litigated dispute-resolution between parents.
  • You value privacy in your personal affairs and do not want details of your family restructuring to be available in the public court record.
  • You value control and autonomous decision making and do not want to hand over decisions about restructuring your financial and/or child-rearing arrangements to a third party, for example, a judge.
  • You recognize that outcomes in the public court system are more restrictive, and want the freedom to creatively structure your own resolution in a way that works for you both.