Can Michigan Spousal Support (alimony) Payments Be Modified?

Yes. Michigan law provides that spousal support is always modifiable, unless specifically stated otherwise.  To make it non-modifiable, the divorce judgment must specifically state that support is "non-modifiable.'  If it does not state one way or the other, it is presumed to be modifiable.

Non-modifiable spousal support is permitted only in consent judgments (where the parties have negotiated their own settlement terms), and not to spousal support ordered by a judge after a trial. Spousal support ordered by a judge is always modifiable. Where Michigan spousal support is modifiable, the basis for the reduction (or increase) is that there has been a change of circumstances, and the party making the request carries the burden of proving there has been a change. They may show such things as loss of home, high cost of repairs/maintenance of replacement home, legal expenses incurred in attempt to enforce child support obligations, lost job, and other extraordinary circumstances.