Divorce laws can vary depending on the state in which you live. A list of divorce options is below and you can read more on each of them by clicking the links.

Going through a divorce is always tough, no matter how cooperative couples try to be. When going through the painful process of divorce, you need to find an attorney that you feel comfortable with. Someone who listens to your concerns and understands your needs. To achieve a successful result, it is imperative to find an attorney you can comfortably work with. The last thing you need is a lawyer who yells or belittles you. At Lady 4 Justice, our client's needs are paramount.

Our Bingham Farms, Michigan divorce attorney has a background in communication, with extensive experience in representing clients with care and attention to detail. Every member of our staff is trained to focus on our clients' needs. We listen to your concerns and map out a strategy to meet those needs, keeping you informed every step of the way. While we never recommend the courtroom as a place to work out emotional concerns, we are mindful that emotions do run high at a time when critical decisions are being made, and help our clients stay focused on their goals.

sit down with your spouse on a Saturday morning, make a pot of coffee, and work out an arrangement to divide your earthly goods; accounts, photographs, art objects, firearms, exercise equipment-everything must go!

In a One Lawyer Divorce, couples who are able to communicate effectively can agree to use one party's lawyer to write up their agreements. In the proper case, this can be a big savings of time and money. It greatly cuts down on the cost and stress of litigation.

In the collaborative process, the separating couple and their lawyers sign a written agreement to work together at resolving the issues without court involvement.

Principles based process of handling divorce which is settlement-based, but leaves open the possibility of litigation if - and only if - absolutely necessary.

In mediation, the couples hires a trained, impartial person to help them resolve specific disputes relating to their divorce. Because the mediator is also an attorney, they have knowledge of the legal requirements of working out a valid settlement. The mediator acts as a guide, encouraging communication between the parties and writing down agreements reached.

In arbitration, both parties agree to let a third person, usually an attorney, decide the issues on which they cannot agree. These issues may include child custody, child support, spousal support, parenting time, and property division.

This is currently the most common method of divorce. Each side hires an attorney, one of them files the complaint, and the other answers. Then the attorneys begin the discovery process (i.e., finding out about the couple's assets as well as custody and support issues).

Litigation is when a case goes to the courts. In a trial, each spouse's attorney argues their client's position on the disputed issues. Witnesses, including family members or friends, may be called and experts may be brought in by each side to give opinions on child custody arrangements or to value property.

Once a couple decides to divorce, they need to make a second decision which is just as important: How they will divorce. This will depend in large part on how serious the differences between them are, and other factors involving children and property. The legal system offers a variety of options for couples to choose from, starting with a do-it-yourself divorce all the way to a full trial.

Especially with the incredible amount of information available on the internet, it is possible for couples to do their own divorce without any attorney involvement. Usually this involves couples with no children and no assets. This can be a time-consuming and difficult process, but if the couple lacks funds to hire a lawyer, it may be their only choice. When settlement is reached they file at the courthouse and the divorce is done.

In most cases, however, especially where children, spousal support, or property is involved, legal representation is needed from an experienced divorce lawyer. Once a couple determines that they need legal representation they move to the next step: Choosing which of a variety of methods they will use. To find out more about the different options, click on the listed links to find the choice that's right for you.