Published: October 14, 2008
Recently, I read that Einstein gave thanks hundreds of times each day. What a beautiful virtue is gratitude! When I read that, I made the decision to develop a thankful mind; not just as a passing emotion, but as a basic attribute of my character... read more
Published: September 18, 2008
18 September 2008I just got back from a weekend meeting with world famous concert pianist, Danny Wright. . We spent the weekend working on a project to put my book, Jigsaw, to music. The plan is to create a... read more
Published: August 19, 2008
Published: August 12, 2008
I admit it; I'm a little slow. Everyone else was watching and talking about The Secret (the movie) last year. Well, I just saw it last week. In fact, I had an office movie party so we could all watch The Secret together. And even if it was one... read more
Published: August 12, 2008
A few weeks ago, I had a pain on the left side of my neck that prevented me from sleeping well at night. In fact, I stayed up until 4 a.m. several nights, working on things so I wouldn't have to go to bed. In the back of my mind, I recalled that... read more
Published: July 25, 2008
Today my daughter and I worked out with our personal trainer, aka Ms. Muscles. What a workout it was! Sheryl always pushes us to our very limit, and the only thing that keeps us going sometimes is the protein shake at the end of the tunnel.... read more
Published: July 22, 2008
Winston Churchill, in one of the shortest yet most powerful speeches in history, once said, "Never, never, never, never, never give up!" Well, that has been my motto in getting this blog started. Let's see if I did it this time.