May 2009 Blog Entries

Published: May 31, 2009
Today is my birthday. I am 54 years old, and it's a great day to be alive! I am so grateful for all of the many blessings in my life, and I look forward to part two of my life's journey. One of the great parts of living longer is the helpful... read more
Published: May 30, 2009
When I was recovering from my own divorce and trying to find myself, my daughter Alexis gave me a little plaque from the dollar store with the following poem on it. It may have only cost her $1, but it's been priceless to me. Maybe you will like it... read more
Published: May 29, 2009
“Divorces don’t wreck children’s lives – people do!”~Vicky LanskyThere's an old lawyer's joke that says criminal lawyers represent bad people at their best, and divorce lawyers represent good people at their worst. Like... read more
Published: May 27, 2009
That's what I asked myself as I spun to the floor with my knees wrapped around the pole. Pole dancing for many conjures up visions of "skanky" dancers slithering around in a smoky bar. But for me, it means that it's Wednesday night at Pole Fit... read more
Published: May 27, 2009
I was listening to Robert Kiyosaki's CD today in my car, his Choose to Be Rich series. He was talking about the recession in 1989 when as he says, "the poor and middle class" were saying "the sky is falling," while he and his wife Kim were buying... read more
Published: May 26, 2009
Why do they make those resealable bags with a "cut here" line a micro meter from the resealable part? Doesn't matter what the product is: broccoli, fish, strawberries, or dental floss toothpicks, it's always the same. I "cut here," the bag opens, I... read more
Published: May 24, 2009
I don’t usually go around shamelessly plugging people, but this guy deserves it.My 24-year-old son has a friend named Marc Harris. A few years ago, Marc signed up for the army and spent the next couple of years in Iraq and Afghanistan. While... read more
Published: May 24, 2009
Like everyone else, this “new economy” has turned all of my preconceived notions upside down. At various times I find myself challenged, scared, confused, and sad. Until last night, I blamed my blues on the cataclysmic... read more
Published: May 21, 2009
Sounds silly, doesn't it? And it is. It is said to make a point. There is a spectrum of medicine, and at one end it's perfectly wise to handle it yourself. Like putting a bandaid on a cut after cleaning it, or finding out natural ways to deal with... read more