Life Planning Suite

LADY4JUSTICE Presents Life Planning Suite™

Documents To Secure the Quality of Your Life

Nothing is more important to us than our home life and the people we love. Yet Michigan couples in committed relationships who either choose not to, or are not permitted to marry, do not enjoy the same legal protections as married couples regardless of how long they are together.

It was for this reason that we designed the Life Planning Suite™, a unique combination of documents tailored to meet a couple's needs. A Life Planning Suite™ of documents may include Partnership Agreements, Surrogacy and related Agreements, Medical and Durable Powers of Attorney, End of Life Care Directives, and Living Trusts. Each Life Planning Suite™ that we prepare is designed specifically for the client couple we represent.

We live in a country that values freedom above all. Accordingly, we are committed to protecting your freedom to decide what happens to you, your loved ones, and your property. Call us today to have a Life Planning Suite™ created especially for you.