Collaborative Divorce Michigan

There are many people who do not want to drag their personal problems to a court of law and would rather solve them amicably. In complex cases such as divorce, this is easier said than done. An alternative to traditional divorce is mediation or collaborative divorce. This alternative to divorce is gaining a lot of ground among people in Michigan and throughout the United States.

Collaborative divorce has numerous benefits compared to traditional court proceedings. In this approach, disputing parties do not go to court to fight out their case. Instead, they come to a mutually agreeable settlement with their attorneys. Disputing couples can keep their personal problems from becoming part of a public trial and the time taken to reach a resolution can be significantly less than traditional litigation. Collaborative divorce often costs less than a traditional divorce (litigation or divorce in court) as well.

Collaborative divorce refers to the use of the collaborative law method to obtain a divorce, but collaborative law is not limited to divorce. Collaborative law can be used to handle all types of family disputes. Collaborative law requires the agreement and willingness of both parties to participate in settlement discussions. Both parties agree to disclose all the facts that are relevant and the objective is to reach an agreement that is satisfactory for both parties without going to court.

If the parties do not reach a consensus, they are required to discharge their lawyers and obtain new legal counsel before proceeding to court. This provides the lawyers and both parties with significant incentive to reach a resolution in an amicable and efficient manner.

Collaborative divorce has definitely gained enough ground in Michigan to truly be considered a great alternative for divorce. If you live in Michigan and are considering a divorce, we highly recommend doing some more research about collaborative law and collaborative divorce. If you have any questions, contact our Michigan divorce attorney and we'll happy to guide you through your divorce process as smoothly as possible.